Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ben Cup Leg 2 (The Setup: DC v RSL)

Hopes and Dreams for The Ben Cup Leg 2

1. 5-0 DC United. We have to win by this scoreline to claim the Ben Cup.
2. At least one goal from Luciano Emilio.
3. I'll be honest, I'd be really happy with a draw.
4. Little to no rain.

Vamos United!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elementary School Shout Outs Are So NFL 2006

As each MLS player takes their turn to introduce themselves on MLS Thursday Night PrimeTime we can't help but grade their performances. We have two front runners as of tonight's game between the Revs and the Hoops.

Adam Cristman (New England Revolution)
"Adam Cristman. I'm wearing sweat pants right now."

Drew Moor (FC Dallas)
"Drew Moor. I'm missing Lost tonight."

Hey Matt Reis, NFL players in the year 2006 (possibly 2005) called, they want their primary school shout out back. Any use of clever NFL lines such as where you attended junior high or elementary school is a very good way to earn yourself an F+. Zach Wells, you are lucky I can't remember, but I think you might have mentioned a junior high or middle school. I'll be listening closely on May 8th when you are back on PrimeTime. Consider yourself warned.

An Away Game Worth Visiting

If there was an away game that I wanted to attend this year it would be this one: FUTBOLUCHA 2008. Not only would I get to see DC United play against Christian Gomez and Facundo Erpen, but I'd also get to see this guy:

picture courtesy of source

Meh (The Result: DCU v Columbus)

DCU 1 Columbus 2

I know I'm late, it's because I only had this to say: Bla bla bla, meh.

Facts and Reality for Meh

1. One deflected goal from Namoff.
2. Emilio... meh.
3. 4 man back line. Check.
4. Martinez went and... meh.

In un-meh news, the reserve game was a lot of fun with a lot of work put in by DC.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Night Prime Time (The Setup: DCU v Columbus)

After a disappointing weekend in Salt lake City, DC United are right back on the field 5 days later. Luckily the Black and Red get to come home to RFK for this one. If Gonzalo Martinez is the reason the defense has been good (and considering that he didn't play when RSL dropped 4 on DCU, probability is good), we might be in for a long night because Goff is reporting that he is a game-time injury decision. I don't have a lot to say before this one. I'm being very patient with the team at this point. We dropped out of CONCACAF, so I know that DC is not that caliber of team at the moment. Now it's on to the MLS season and I'm willing to give them some time. We all know how last year started and then how it turned out, but that doesn't make dropping points at home any easier.

Hopes and Dreams for Thursday Night Prime Time
1. Are we back to this again? We have to score a goal. Our attack should be scoring goals.
2. I'd like the goal(s) to be from Luciano Emilio.
3. 4 man back line.
4. If Martinez can't go, I'd like to see McTavish given a chance, I liked him in central defense last year.

The Royal Review Interviews Me

In the aftermath of the first leg of The Ben Cup, The Royal Review asked me for an interview. You'll want to go over and read it. My favorite part of my interview:

RR: What will be the outcome of Leg 2?
DCB: DC 5 RSL 0 fueled by anger and a DP that got plenty of rest. (editor's note: HAHAHAHAHA!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Shirt Sponsor According to the Far Post

I encourage you to read the entire announcement on The Far Post, but here are some highlights:
“Given our play on the road, it seems logical that we continue to get some extra income from our losses,” United’s General Manager explained. “I’ve spoken with Coach Soehn and we both agree it is best to keep playing our bench guys and using formations we haven’t practiced when on the road so we can continue to lose but retain these important sponsorships."
“They totally own us in Utah,” explained United’s management “so we thought we might as well get something for it."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

TODAY WAS NOT THE DAY: The Ben Cup Leg 1 (The Result: RSL v DCU)


Soehn did not take this game seriously. Aside from the fact that he did not take the first leg of the Ben Cup seriously, he put a reserve/attacking formation out on the field for an away game that historically has not been easy for us. Obviously a huge mistake. I believe we put out a similar squad last year in Salt Lake when we used Nolly for the one and only time. I hope Carvallo does not get the same treatment, while he could have done better he was given a slow 3 man backline to help him out. The right way to approach this game was with a road game defensive posture and not your backup keeper. I think Carvallo should get a chance at home with the starting 10 before he is required to make up for a makeshift backline.

The Ben Cup may have already been put out of reach for another year. This is disgusting to me. My namesake cup, against one of the worst teams in the MLS, how could I go wrong?

One good thing I saw was McTavish hitting some good crosses into the box.

Facts and Reality for The Ben Cup 2008 Leg 1
1. No goals.
2. If Ben Olsen is healthy, McTavish can play on the back line instead of Burch and Mediate. Not that it would have made a huge difference, but I'm grasping for some sort of understanding.
3. The NBA Wizards got done just in time to see the celebration for Beckerman's first goal.
4. Burch? His strength is getting forward in the attack based on a four man backline. He's too slow to play in a three man backline.

I didn't notice, did Burch start in the back? and then Mediate dropped back when Burch went out?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

TODAY IS THE DAY: The Ben Cup Leg 1 (The Setup: RSL v DCU)

3rd match in 8 days. It will not matter because DC United always gets up for the Ben Cup. After losing the inaugural Ben Cup in 2006, DC fought courageously to draw the cup in the 2007 series. All we ask for here at the Edgell Supporters is progress. And so in the name of progress, DC must win the Ben Cup in 2008. We know it, they know it, and Real Salt Lake knows it.

Hopes and Dreams for The Ben Cup 2008 Leg 1

1. Away goals count, this match is about securing 2 or 3 away goals in the series.
2. Unfortunately Ben Olsen can't compete in the cup he most wants to win (duh, it has his same name), so we hope he recovers faster.
3. The NBA Wizards make it a quick game so we can watch on Comcast Sports. Please!
4. Burch makes us proud with at least an attempt at the Burch Bomb. On frame at least.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

3rd Party Ben: A Ben Cup Interview

As the creator of the Ben Cup 2008 logo and a fellow Ben, we here at the Edgell Supporters, jumped at the chance to get some quality one on one time with the 3rd Party Ben. The results in their unedited state are below:

3rd Party Ben in Mississippi (obviously)

DCU Ben: Another Ben?? What is this all about?
3rd Party Ben: There can never be too many Bens, that's what I've always been (Ben?) told. One Ben is nice, two Bens make it interesting, but a third Ben just flips your world upside down. I am happy to be that Ben.

DCU Ben: Why the name Ben?
3rd Party Ben: I wish I could say it was my choice, but you'll have to consult my parents on that one. Perhaps I was named after Gentle Ben?

DCU Ben: Is it possible to tell all of the Bens apart?
3rd Party Ben: I think so. I mean, the Ben that I know is the red-headed Ben. I've never met the other one. And then there's me. That's pretty simple.

DCU Ben: How do you set yourself apart from the herd of other Bens?
3rd Party Ben: Funny you should ask. Growing up, my two best friends were also named Ben. We played little league soccer and we each snagged the same number, just to mess with everyone (I am not sure how we actually did that, now that I think about it. Did it actually happen? Am I misremembering?). So I don't have a good history of setting myself apart from other Bens. But I think in this case, I am the one who you will hear the least from when it comes to soccer, I imagine.

DCU Ben: You are from Utah yet live in Mississippi, discuss.
3rd Party Ben: That is true. Hasn't everyone always dreamed of growing up and moving away from home, into the real world? Of Mississippi? I am just happy to say I am living the dream. No but in all seriousness, I'm here because of a job. After toiling as a freelancer for a couple of years, I now work as a designer at RARE Design. And if you are asking me if I like my job, it must be if it compelled me to move to Mississippi.

DCU Ben: What did you use as your motivation and inspiration in creating the logo for Ben Cup 2008?
3rd Party Ben: Motivation? I was motivated by the deadline that was set for the beginning of the Ben Cup. I don't like to miss deadlines. Inspiration? Well, obviously, I wanted to make the elegantly crafted trophy the centerpiece of the logo. That's what it's all about. There are hints of inspiration from past MLS Cup logos as well. Basically, I wanted to capture the essence and passion of what the Ben Cup is all about.

DCU Ben: Now that Freddy Adu no longer plays for Real Salt Lake, who is your favorite player on the Salt Lake squad?
3rd Party Ben: (Looking up the RSL roster...realizing Kreis is now the coach...not recognizing any other name...)

DCU Ben: Are you aware that while RSL has never made the MLS playoffs, they are two time reigning Ben Cup champions? Do you have an explanation for this phenomenon?
3rd Party Ben: The answer is easy: An MLS Cup is out of the question for RSL, but a much easier target of winning a game or two. In fact, winning a game or two all season should be the goal for this team.

DCU Ben: How do you feel about being referred to as a “Third Party Ben”?
3rd Party Ben: That's fine. I think it accurately represents what I am to this situation. A third part observer.

DCU Ben: As a third party observer/ben, is it ethical for you to pick sides?
3rd Party Ben: Let's not get into ethics. Before being introduced to the Ben Cup, I honestly could not have cared less about the outcome between the two squads. Now my interest level is raised to "less apathetic".

DCU Ben: Have you picked a side?
3rd Party Ben: It would make sense, as an outside observer, to cheer on the underdog, who, remarkably, in this case would be DCU. I just want the boys to have fun and not get hurt out on the pitch (is that the correct usage?)

DCU Ben: Additional plugs, comments, complaints, questions, jokes, etc?
3rd Party Ben: I want to take a moment to congratulate DCU Ben on doing a bang-up job with his WFBL Richmond Butchers this year. They ran out of gas in the semis, but you honestly didn't think they would take down the Abominables, did you? Not bad for a first-timer though.

Thanks again Ben Ben for your time and your contribution to the most important club vs. club competition in the MLS. Check out 3rd Party Ben's excellent work at

RSL Ben Dares To Taunt Us

RSL Ben has predicted a 2-1 win over DC United this weekend. Please go over to his blog and hassle him... in a friendly Ben Cup kind of way.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And The Beast Was Done (The Result: DCU v Pachuca)

DCU 2 Pachuca 1 (Aggregate: DCU 2 Pachuca 3)

Didn't someone say that the subs don't really matter or that we have to win with our First 11? That guy is an idiot. Great late goals by Dyachenko and Niell. Great assists from Fred. Unfortunately it was our failure to take advantage of the early chances that did us in. Fantastic work rate from all of our guys, they made me proud to support DC United.

Facts and Reality For the Second Leg

1. 2 goals for, 1 goal against
2. Emilio is not dangerous
3. I'm still not sold on Gallardo, but he had a pretty good game, a great ball he sent to McTavish when surrounded by 3 defenders
4. The 3 man backline did a remarkable job until we started sending everything forward and even then we only gave up one. Namoff was especially good.

Final Note: With all the energy expended tonight, I hope we have enough gas left for the Ben Cup this weekend.

Welcome Home (The Setup: DCU v Pachuca, 2nd Leg)

Here we are again. Second leg of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup (CCC) Semifinal. DC United version 2008 was built for international competition. If we lose here, we have failed to meet that objective. We still have SuperLiga and the CONCACAF Champions' League (CCL) but our success is measured based on how we perform in the CCC match tonight.

DC has equalled their performance from last year's version of the CCC, success would be to improve upon that. It will be a difficult endeavor as Pachuca is relatively fast and they already have 2 goals on us. We have to score early and the creators (Gallardo, Fred, Moreno, Quaranta, maybe McTavish) have to create. Vamos United.

Hopes and Dreams For the Second Leg
1. 3 goals for, 0 goals against... or I could go for 4 goals for, 1 goal against... or any other combination in which DC wins
2. Emilio is dangerous
3. At some point in the match, I shout "Gallardo is worth DP money!"
4. The backline holds strong, especially Namoff and Burch on the edges.

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Finally Here: The Ben Cup 2008

For those of you unfamiliar with The Ben Cup you can start here and here.

it is only appropriate that the new Ben Cup logo be created by yet another Ben

thanks ben ben

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Result: DC United Home Opener (Match 13.2)


I don't know about this one. I'm very happy with the win but, Toronto FC is terrible. I mean awful. I understand that they were down a man for most of the game, but usually as a game goes on the team starts to find a rhythm without that player. TFC never found a rhythm unless they were bobbing their heads to United's strings of 15 and 20 passes.

I don't really feel right assessing United based on this game. So I'll just share a few thoughts.

-Wells should not have let that goal in. He was caught out of position (again).
-Niell lost his position on the depth chart to Quaranta. Not just because Quaranta got the start, but because Quaranta did some holding and creating, and Niell still isn't pulling the trigger. I'm still rooting for Niell to do something though. He's like a little baby, think of how good it will feel when he scores on someone.
-Fred looks fantastic out there. Lots of energy and creativity.
-Dear Emilio, stop trying to do things with the ball at your feet besides pulling the trigger.
-Great to see Jaime back, great goal. Fred and Emilio look much more comfortable when Moreno is out there.
-GREAT substitutions by Soehn. Although his job was pretty easy considering the situation, I like to see the killer instinct.
-Gallardo. Gallardo. With the exception of the goal, I don't really remember him. I don't think that's a good thing.

Facts and Reality for Match 13.2
1. 3 points. Check
2. Emilio was able to play more of his natural role. Why? Santino Quaranta.
3. Gallardo had no assists but he did contribute to the score sheet on a great ball from Quaranta.
4. Nothing for Burch yet, but he did get to rest after half.

The Setup: DC United Home Opener (Match 13.2)

It's a long MLS season, but points against bad teams have to be a guarantee if DC United wants to be around for the playoffs. Toronto comes to RFK after losing 2-0 in Columbus. DC opens at home after losing in Kansas City 2-0.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 13.2
1. 3 points. We have to get 3 points against Toronto at home.
2. Emilio is able to play his natural role instead of trying to do the holding as well.
3. Gallardo assist/s. He has to start contributing to the score sheet.
4. Is it too early for a Burch Bomb? I'm gonna go ahead and call for the Burch Bomb.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We Must Decide The Game With The First Eleven (Result: Pachuca v DCU)

Pachuca 2 DCU 0

My first thought when stoppage time started was: we have to win the game with our first eleven. With the salary cap as it is and the fixture congestion as it can be, our first 11, the guys we pay the money, have to do the job in this caliber of game. If they cannot, the subs will not. In this league, substitutes will not be salvation.

Maybe DC needs more time together. Maybe their fitness is lacking. Maybe they are just not that great. I see potential but not a lot coming through. Guys like Emilio and Gallardo were brought in to make immediate impacts and win these tournaments. Is the master plan incorrect? or do we just need more time? Luckily we have more time and even this tournament is not over yet. I hope we are not waiting in vain for the team to come together.

Facts and Reality for CONCACAF Semifinals
1. No goals. No real attempts.
2. We did control parts of the game. Until we ran out of gas, which was in the 30th or 35th.
3. We need creation in the attack from McTavish.
4. Most of the guys worked really hard. Even Emilio looked to be working hard on defense, though his touch betrayed him terribly tonight.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Must Slay The Mexican Beast

As we sit here waiting for the CONCACAF semifinals to come on, I have been thinking about American soccer impotence when visiting Mexico. The altitude, the crowds, the travel, bla, bla, bla. As I believe we have discussed previously, DC United is a professional soccer organization. It is, as they say, what DCU does. They plan for these events by spending a lot of money to build a squad ready for international competition and implementing training that will prepare the players for playing international clubs, Mexican clubs specifically. I believe that the top of the MLS can compete with the Mexican Primera Division. Now as if to tempt the faith Gods, I need a sign, something to keep my belief alive. DC United can be the team that goes into Mexico and gets a result.

Hopes and Dreams For the Slaying of the Mexican Beast
1. Goal(s). Singular or multiple, I'll take them all.
2. Controlling the game on the ground with the DCU possession game.
3. Creativity on the wings.
4. Playing for the shirt. Put it all out there because this is why you are here.

Vamos United!