Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Result: DC United Home Opener (Match 13.2)


I don't know about this one. I'm very happy with the win but, Toronto FC is terrible. I mean awful. I understand that they were down a man for most of the game, but usually as a game goes on the team starts to find a rhythm without that player. TFC never found a rhythm unless they were bobbing their heads to United's strings of 15 and 20 passes.

I don't really feel right assessing United based on this game. So I'll just share a few thoughts.

-Wells should not have let that goal in. He was caught out of position (again).
-Niell lost his position on the depth chart to Quaranta. Not just because Quaranta got the start, but because Quaranta did some holding and creating, and Niell still isn't pulling the trigger. I'm still rooting for Niell to do something though. He's like a little baby, think of how good it will feel when he scores on someone.
-Fred looks fantastic out there. Lots of energy and creativity.
-Dear Emilio, stop trying to do things with the ball at your feet besides pulling the trigger.
-Great to see Jaime back, great goal. Fred and Emilio look much more comfortable when Moreno is out there.
-GREAT substitutions by Soehn. Although his job was pretty easy considering the situation, I like to see the killer instinct.
-Gallardo. Gallardo. With the exception of the goal, I don't really remember him. I don't think that's a good thing.

Facts and Reality for Match 13.2
1. 3 points. Check
2. Emilio was able to play more of his natural role. Why? Santino Quaranta.
3. Gallardo had no assists but he did contribute to the score sheet on a great ball from Quaranta.
4. Nothing for Burch yet, but he did get to rest after half.

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