Sunday, May 18, 2008


Now that DC United is the second worse team in the MLS (they did a fine job beating Chivas out of their position), I think it's fair to talk about regret. And I'm not the only one talking about it.

1. Bobby Boswell (.com)- I mentioned him yesterday, not that we really want him back, but he did score the game winning goal yesterday, and that makes me bitter.

2. Joe Cannon- Fullback Files mentions DC missing out on the Joe Cannon trade as a regret after seeing what we got out of Zach Wells last night.

3. Greg Vanney? yes, even Vanney. - Shatz responds to Fullback's regrets with sympathy for the Cannon situation and possible regrets on the Vanney-Kirk trade. I'll tell you what, even a slow backup central defender last night would have been nice.

I won't get into the Gomez/Gallardo debate, but if we kept the same team from last year intact, would we still be where we are today? I hope we have more to talk about in the coming months than woulda shoulda coulda. To echo Fullback, ugh.


chivas usa 3 dcu 1

on the same night that bobby boswell (.com) scores the game winner for houston against chicago, dc gives up 3 goals in 9 minutes to lose the lead and the game to chivas usa. at some point dc has to hit bottom right? can it continue to get worse?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

RSL wins the Ben Cup... again

Congratulations to Real Salt Lake on winning the 2008 Ben Cup. I hope to make it out to Salt Lake this summer to at least get a glimpse of the trophy that might never make its way east of the Mississippi. With the way this year is going, this might be the closest DC United gets to hardware. Maybe a visit this weekend to LA Chivas, who have some how found a way to have less points than DCU, will get things back on track.

In other team vs team cup news, good luck to RSL tonight in their other rivalry, the Rocky Mountain Cup.