Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elementary School Shout Outs Are So NFL 2006

As each MLS player takes their turn to introduce themselves on MLS Thursday Night PrimeTime we can't help but grade their performances. We have two front runners as of tonight's game between the Revs and the Hoops.

Adam Cristman (New England Revolution)
"Adam Cristman. I'm wearing sweat pants right now."

Drew Moor (FC Dallas)
"Drew Moor. I'm missing Lost tonight."

Hey Matt Reis, NFL players in the year 2006 (possibly 2005) called, they want their primary school shout out back. Any use of clever NFL lines such as where you attended junior high or elementary school is a very good way to earn yourself an F+. Zach Wells, you are lucky I can't remember, but I think you might have mentioned a junior high or middle school. I'll be listening closely on May 8th when you are back on PrimeTime. Consider yourself warned.

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