Saturday, April 12, 2008

TODAY IS THE DAY: The Ben Cup Leg 1 (The Setup: RSL v DCU)

3rd match in 8 days. It will not matter because DC United always gets up for the Ben Cup. After losing the inaugural Ben Cup in 2006, DC fought courageously to draw the cup in the 2007 series. All we ask for here at the Edgell Supporters is progress. And so in the name of progress, DC must win the Ben Cup in 2008. We know it, they know it, and Real Salt Lake knows it.

Hopes and Dreams for The Ben Cup 2008 Leg 1

1. Away goals count, this match is about securing 2 or 3 away goals in the series.
2. Unfortunately Ben Olsen can't compete in the cup he most wants to win (duh, it has his same name), so we hope he recovers faster.
3. The NBA Wizards make it a quick game so we can watch on Comcast Sports. Please!
4. Burch makes us proud with at least an attempt at the Burch Bomb. On frame at least.

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