Sunday, April 13, 2008

TODAY WAS NOT THE DAY: The Ben Cup Leg 1 (The Result: RSL v DCU)


Soehn did not take this game seriously. Aside from the fact that he did not take the first leg of the Ben Cup seriously, he put a reserve/attacking formation out on the field for an away game that historically has not been easy for us. Obviously a huge mistake. I believe we put out a similar squad last year in Salt Lake when we used Nolly for the one and only time. I hope Carvallo does not get the same treatment, while he could have done better he was given a slow 3 man backline to help him out. The right way to approach this game was with a road game defensive posture and not your backup keeper. I think Carvallo should get a chance at home with the starting 10 before he is required to make up for a makeshift backline.

The Ben Cup may have already been put out of reach for another year. This is disgusting to me. My namesake cup, against one of the worst teams in the MLS, how could I go wrong?

One good thing I saw was McTavish hitting some good crosses into the box.

Facts and Reality for The Ben Cup 2008 Leg 1
1. No goals.
2. If Ben Olsen is healthy, McTavish can play on the back line instead of Burch and Mediate. Not that it would have made a huge difference, but I'm grasping for some sort of understanding.
3. The NBA Wizards got done just in time to see the celebration for Beckerman's first goal.
4. Burch? His strength is getting forward in the attack based on a four man backline. He's too slow to play in a three man backline.

I didn't notice, did Burch start in the back? and then Mediate dropped back when Burch went out?


Fullback said...

Nope, looked to me like Mediate was behind Burch from the start. They were overlapping and swapping places on the left, but Burch was definitely the more advanced of the two.

Burch hasn't exactly been lighting things up, has he? Lots of aimless crosses and long balls, and nary a Burch Bomb in sight. Worrying stuff--perhaps the curse of Boswell version 2.0?

Shatz... said...

Keep your chin up. All we need is a 5-0 win in two weeks to rightfully bring the Ben Cup home to DC! :/