Thursday, April 10, 2008

3rd Party Ben: A Ben Cup Interview

As the creator of the Ben Cup 2008 logo and a fellow Ben, we here at the Edgell Supporters, jumped at the chance to get some quality one on one time with the 3rd Party Ben. The results in their unedited state are below:

3rd Party Ben in Mississippi (obviously)

DCU Ben: Another Ben?? What is this all about?
3rd Party Ben: There can never be too many Bens, that's what I've always been (Ben?) told. One Ben is nice, two Bens make it interesting, but a third Ben just flips your world upside down. I am happy to be that Ben.

DCU Ben: Why the name Ben?
3rd Party Ben: I wish I could say it was my choice, but you'll have to consult my parents on that one. Perhaps I was named after Gentle Ben?

DCU Ben: Is it possible to tell all of the Bens apart?
3rd Party Ben: I think so. I mean, the Ben that I know is the red-headed Ben. I've never met the other one. And then there's me. That's pretty simple.

DCU Ben: How do you set yourself apart from the herd of other Bens?
3rd Party Ben: Funny you should ask. Growing up, my two best friends were also named Ben. We played little league soccer and we each snagged the same number, just to mess with everyone (I am not sure how we actually did that, now that I think about it. Did it actually happen? Am I misremembering?). So I don't have a good history of setting myself apart from other Bens. But I think in this case, I am the one who you will hear the least from when it comes to soccer, I imagine.

DCU Ben: You are from Utah yet live in Mississippi, discuss.
3rd Party Ben: That is true. Hasn't everyone always dreamed of growing up and moving away from home, into the real world? Of Mississippi? I am just happy to say I am living the dream. No but in all seriousness, I'm here because of a job. After toiling as a freelancer for a couple of years, I now work as a designer at RARE Design. And if you are asking me if I like my job, it must be if it compelled me to move to Mississippi.

DCU Ben: What did you use as your motivation and inspiration in creating the logo for Ben Cup 2008?
3rd Party Ben: Motivation? I was motivated by the deadline that was set for the beginning of the Ben Cup. I don't like to miss deadlines. Inspiration? Well, obviously, I wanted to make the elegantly crafted trophy the centerpiece of the logo. That's what it's all about. There are hints of inspiration from past MLS Cup logos as well. Basically, I wanted to capture the essence and passion of what the Ben Cup is all about.

DCU Ben: Now that Freddy Adu no longer plays for Real Salt Lake, who is your favorite player on the Salt Lake squad?
3rd Party Ben: (Looking up the RSL roster...realizing Kreis is now the coach...not recognizing any other name...)

DCU Ben: Are you aware that while RSL has never made the MLS playoffs, they are two time reigning Ben Cup champions? Do you have an explanation for this phenomenon?
3rd Party Ben: The answer is easy: An MLS Cup is out of the question for RSL, but a much easier target of winning a game or two. In fact, winning a game or two all season should be the goal for this team.

DCU Ben: How do you feel about being referred to as a “Third Party Ben”?
3rd Party Ben: That's fine. I think it accurately represents what I am to this situation. A third part observer.

DCU Ben: As a third party observer/ben, is it ethical for you to pick sides?
3rd Party Ben: Let's not get into ethics. Before being introduced to the Ben Cup, I honestly could not have cared less about the outcome between the two squads. Now my interest level is raised to "less apathetic".

DCU Ben: Have you picked a side?
3rd Party Ben: It would make sense, as an outside observer, to cheer on the underdog, who, remarkably, in this case would be DCU. I just want the boys to have fun and not get hurt out on the pitch (is that the correct usage?)

DCU Ben: Additional plugs, comments, complaints, questions, jokes, etc?
3rd Party Ben: I want to take a moment to congratulate DCU Ben on doing a bang-up job with his WFBL Richmond Butchers this year. They ran out of gas in the semis, but you honestly didn't think they would take down the Abominables, did you? Not bad for a first-timer though.

Thanks again Ben Ben for your time and your contribution to the most important club vs. club competition in the MLS. Check out 3rd Party Ben's excellent work at


RSL Ben said...

Tremendous. Well done. And thanks again to 3PBen for the logo!

RSL Ben said...

Also, I responded to you on Goff's page. Hilarious that Soccer Insider is now being dragged into this!

edgell supporter said...

well done, soccer insider should be dragged into this.

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