Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Night Prime Time (The Setup: DCU v Columbus)

After a disappointing weekend in Salt lake City, DC United are right back on the field 5 days later. Luckily the Black and Red get to come home to RFK for this one. If Gonzalo Martinez is the reason the defense has been good (and considering that he didn't play when RSL dropped 4 on DCU, probability is good), we might be in for a long night because Goff is reporting that he is a game-time injury decision. I don't have a lot to say before this one. I'm being very patient with the team at this point. We dropped out of CONCACAF, so I know that DC is not that caliber of team at the moment. Now it's on to the MLS season and I'm willing to give them some time. We all know how last year started and then how it turned out, but that doesn't make dropping points at home any easier.

Hopes and Dreams for Thursday Night Prime Time
1. Are we back to this again? We have to score a goal. Our attack should be scoring goals.
2. I'd like the goal(s) to be from Luciano Emilio.
3. 4 man back line.
4. If Martinez can't go, I'd like to see McTavish given a chance, I liked him in central defense last year.

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RSL Ben said...

Wow, I didn't see another loss coming. What's up in DC? Did George Bush buy United or something?