Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Must Slay The Mexican Beast

As we sit here waiting for the CONCACAF semifinals to come on, I have been thinking about American soccer impotence when visiting Mexico. The altitude, the crowds, the travel, bla, bla, bla. As I believe we have discussed previously, DC United is a professional soccer organization. It is, as they say, what DCU does. They plan for these events by spending a lot of money to build a squad ready for international competition and implementing training that will prepare the players for playing international clubs, Mexican clubs specifically. I believe that the top of the MLS can compete with the Mexican Primera Division. Now as if to tempt the faith Gods, I need a sign, something to keep my belief alive. DC United can be the team that goes into Mexico and gets a result.

Hopes and Dreams For the Slaying of the Mexican Beast
1. Goal(s). Singular or multiple, I'll take them all.
2. Controlling the game on the ground with the DCU possession game.
3. Creativity on the wings.
4. Playing for the shirt. Put it all out there because this is why you are here.

Vamos United!

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