Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We Must Decide The Game With The First Eleven (Result: Pachuca v DCU)

Pachuca 2 DCU 0

My first thought when stoppage time started was: we have to win the game with our first eleven. With the salary cap as it is and the fixture congestion as it can be, our first 11, the guys we pay the money, have to do the job in this caliber of game. If they cannot, the subs will not. In this league, substitutes will not be salvation.

Maybe DC needs more time together. Maybe their fitness is lacking. Maybe they are just not that great. I see potential but not a lot coming through. Guys like Emilio and Gallardo were brought in to make immediate impacts and win these tournaments. Is the master plan incorrect? or do we just need more time? Luckily we have more time and even this tournament is not over yet. I hope we are not waiting in vain for the team to come together.

Facts and Reality for CONCACAF Semifinals
1. No goals. No real attempts.
2. We did control parts of the game. Until we ran out of gas, which was in the 30th or 35th.
3. We need creation in the attack from McTavish.
4. Most of the guys worked really hard. Even Emilio looked to be working hard on defense, though his touch betrayed him terribly tonight.


Shatz... said...

I'm confident that the team will eventually "come together", but I just don't think it will happen before next Wednesday :(

RSL Ben said...

It looks like you guys are practicing losing. Perhaps you're getting ready for when you lose the Ben Cup?