Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And The Beast Was Done (The Result: DCU v Pachuca)

DCU 2 Pachuca 1 (Aggregate: DCU 2 Pachuca 3)

Didn't someone say that the subs don't really matter or that we have to win with our First 11? That guy is an idiot. Great late goals by Dyachenko and Niell. Great assists from Fred. Unfortunately it was our failure to take advantage of the early chances that did us in. Fantastic work rate from all of our guys, they made me proud to support DC United.

Facts and Reality For the Second Leg

1. 2 goals for, 1 goal against
2. Emilio is not dangerous
3. I'm still not sold on Gallardo, but he had a pretty good game, a great ball he sent to McTavish when surrounded by 3 defenders
4. The 3 man backline did a remarkable job until we started sending everything forward and even then we only gave up one. Namoff was especially good.

Final Note: With all the energy expended tonight, I hope we have enough gas left for the Ben Cup this weekend.

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