Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome Home (The Setup: DCU v Pachuca, 2nd Leg)

Here we are again. Second leg of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup (CCC) Semifinal. DC United version 2008 was built for international competition. If we lose here, we have failed to meet that objective. We still have SuperLiga and the CONCACAF Champions' League (CCL) but our success is measured based on how we perform in the CCC match tonight.

DC has equalled their performance from last year's version of the CCC, success would be to improve upon that. It will be a difficult endeavor as Pachuca is relatively fast and they already have 2 goals on us. We have to score early and the creators (Gallardo, Fred, Moreno, Quaranta, maybe McTavish) have to create. Vamos United.

Hopes and Dreams For the Second Leg
1. 3 goals for, 0 goals against... or I could go for 4 goals for, 1 goal against... or any other combination in which DC wins
2. Emilio is dangerous
3. At some point in the match, I shout "Gallardo is worth DP money!"
4. The backline holds strong, especially Namoff and Burch on the edges.

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