Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Right Side and Bryan Namoff

The story told:

At the beginning of the 2007 season Bryan Namoff was solid on defense and darn near creative on offense. He was dependable at the back and gave us hope going forward. Upon realizing the value of his contributions, we sang praises to his name, in what might have been an EDA... no that has nothing to do with blood flow dysfunctions, simply an Early Display of Affection. Maybe it was our fault, maybe it was his, but either way he got hurt. The next part of the story gets a little fuzzy because I am getting old now, nearly 29, and I do not remember exactly what he hurt. Chances are pretty good he was part of the 2007 DCU Hamstring Club, but there were a couple hernias and groins last year too so it could have been anything. Whatever it was, Namoff was out a few weeks and when he came back it appeared that his level of play had dropped off a bit. Then in Chicago (which I only remember because I was there and it was FANTASTIC!) he was hurt again, although he did not miss any additional games. Throughout the rest of the season he seemed a bit slower and not nearly as willing to go forward.

The fortune telling:

I am writing off last year's drop in performance to injury. And by the way, his performance was not bad, just not as good as Namoff can be. This year I look forward to his return to form which will include going forward in the attack. DCU needs creativity in the attack. And for now I will take diversity in attack for a substitute to creativity, although I will not complain if creativity fights diversity for time in the attack. Although Namoff is not particularly fast, what speed he does have will be desperately needed on our backline. I am wishing for an increase in speed from Namoff in the offseason. I do not even know if that is a possibility, it is not like he his a high school sophomore football player still developing his skill set.

I predict Namoff will have another solid year and if he can get some rest through the arduous season he will have a great year.

Next time: Center Defense and Mr. McTavish


RSL Ben said...

So when i was playing the Worldwide Soccer (aka Football) Manager 08 demo I was able to get Namoff on RSL for basically nothing (like a 2nd or 3rd round pick or something). It was awesome. So if DCU would like to do us a solid and do that in real life, I'd be much abliged.

edgell supporter said...

2nd or 3rd round is a steal for Namoff. in real life though we'd need something in exchange. what will you give us?

two conditions

1. don't bother offering any of your "defenders"
2. don't give us anything back we've already given you

RSL Ben said...

No defenders? You don't want Kotschau or Forko or Wingert? I'm shocked, absolutely shocked.
And as for the not giving back players, I assume that means any players that ever played for DCU. That makes it a bit more difficult as 90% of our team seems to be former DCU players. But I'll give it a whirl:
1-Picks 14 & 17 in this draft, plus second round 2009 (if we haven't already traded that one away)
2-The 17 pick, Jamie Watson, and a minor allocation
3-Andy Williams (and pick 37, I suppose)
4-Yura Movsisyan for Namoff (and $?)
5-Chris Seitz for Fred, Namoff, and a 1st rounder
This is really tough, our roster is crap as always. Anything there that might work with some tweaking?

Also, I'm down with MFLS. When you guys get set up, send me a link. Also, Ben Cup pics coming soon.