Monday, January 7, 2008

but most of all we support the backline

With Goff's recent news of a possible new central defender from Argentina's second division, it is time to look at what we already have to work with on the backline. Assuming DC United stays with the 4-4-2 in 2008, today our backline looks like this:

Some people also think it is important to have backups for injuries or a busy schedule. The sub situation is somewhat ugly. Last year we had McTavish/Boswell, Gros, and Simms as passable backups. This year I am not sure who I can nominate as subs because:

1. Boswell is gone, leaving McTavish as an every game starter
2. Gros is out for the year
3. B. Carroll is gone, so Simms will not be able to step back to play on the backline unless we have somebody else (Arguez) step in at defensive mid. Also, this seems like a backward way of doing things.

I guess we will have to go with Jeff Carroll and Stephen deRoux as our subs (I think deRoux played back there at some point last year). And while we got lucky by completing the already started conversion of Marc Burch, I do not think that Moose, Addlery, or Nolly (only half joking) will be so successful. As a side note, the DC roster only has one player listed as purely defense (Vanney) and two players listed as midfield/defense (Arguez and J. Carroll).

Next time: The Right Side and Bryan Namoff

*Oh and thanks to mlsnet for the pictures.


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Thanks for linking to the royal review. I appreciate it...wait... hahaha

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