Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gallardo Rumors

I'm hearing lots of Gallardo rumors. River Plate, Etudiantes de la Plata, whatever... just take him. But why does Christian "Rain Cloud" Gomez have to be the replacement? Is there a playmaker under 30 we can sign?


Fullback said...

Dax McCarty? Not really a playmaker, but Dallas are looking to offload him, and Jaime/Quaranta could do the withdrawn/playmaking forward bit, I'm sure.

beanjah said...

I really like that idea. We need some youth and consistency in that spot even if it means consistency at a bit of a lower ability level. Count me in for Dax.

RSL Ben said...

At least they are looking for a replacement. RSL has let Deuchar and Espindola (arguably our best forward) go from an already anemic attack. They also let Dema go. And as a replacement? No one. So apparently we are stuck with Yura "I have no idea what's going on right now" Movsisyan and Clint "I'm going to play 90 minutes because I'm friends with the coach, not because I do anything on the field" Mathis. We also have Robbie Findley (who I would say is now far and away our best striker) but given how kreis used him last year (hardly, if at all), I doubt we'll see him much this year either... Looks like we're back to good old win-a-game-every-2-months RSL.