Wednesday, March 5, 2008

just a matter of time

Today Goff reports on the renegade scrimmage in Texas:

United won, 2-1, on goals by Luciano Emilio (assisted by Marcelo Gallardo) in the first half and Franco Niell late in the game.

DCU STARTERS: Wells; Namoff, Martinez, Peralta, Burch; McTavish, Simms, Gallardo, Fred; Moreno, Emilio. Subs: Niell for Moreno, Stratford for Simms, Quaranta for Namoff (McTavish moved to right back), Dyachenko for Gallardo. Red card: Fred in second half, but Mediate was allowed to replace him (just a scrimmage, folks).

This is exactly the report I want to hear, over and over again throughout the season with the exception of the red card and no mention of a Burchie Bomb.

The news is still about as important as it was a few weeks ago, that is to say not very, but I can feel the importance getting closer. It is merely an issue of time. If we just push this report into the future one week...

Yesterday Goff reported:

Clyde Simms, a returning defensive midfielder, has had to adjust to Gallardo, whose style differs from Christian Gomez, the playmaker the previous three-plus seasons. "Gallardo likes to come back and receive the ball more so than Christian did," Simms said. "He likes to get as many touches on the ball as possible. It's a learning experience." how it all works."

Soehn believes that, with time, his new-look team will find its old rhythm and be well prepared for next week's debut. "It's always difficult when you add new faces," he said. "But the guys we added are experienced and we have enough guys from last year who have a good understanding of how it all works."

I like that Gallardo comes back a little. I like that he wants the ball. The gap between Simms and Gomez was too big last year. That gap made our attack slow and our defense vulnerable. I hope that Gallardo will not only come back to collect the ball for the attack but that he will help slow the opposition while he is back there. Simms says we have a little bit of change to adjust to but Soehn says in the end we will be alright. Here's to believing.

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