Monday, January 28, 2008

Burchie and the Left Peg

So imagine if that was a male and he wore the DC United shirt, that would be Marc Burch. If I had any photoshopping skills at all I could have made it happen. But I don't, so I didn't.

In our final installment of "but most of all we support the backline" we get to talk about our favorite United defender and our favorite player, Marc Burch. As previously discussed, United had a difficult time assembling a backline in 2007 and was very fortunate to have some reserves step up big. After we went to the four man back, we had Gros fill in on the left for a few games and I believe we experimented with Vanney and Simms in that position as well. Then it happened. A trade we made with Columbus for a DCU 2008 Suppie Pick paid off. March Burch came in and started dropping left peg bombs from the back. He could switch the field and he even went forward a few times. Marc Burch was a revelation, a bright spot for DC United's width. As he continued to do damage, other teams in the MLS caught on and started to defend him more closely. His wind-up was taking too long and he started losing the ball. As a converted forward his defensive positioning was a little shaky but not terrible.

In 2008 I'm hoping for a shorter wind-up from him, more speed, and better positioning. I think these are all possibilities because he is a converted forward and can still learn the position better. If I can only get one of the three, I'll take a shortened wind-up so he can still do damage serving up balls from the back. And while I'm wishing I'll take a few more of these:

Burchie from distance.


Fullback said...

The Suppie-virus spreads!

I posted a while back that it'll be interesting to see what Burch can accomplish this year. Will he continue to grow into the position and become an ever more essential part of the squad, or will he go all on us?

Shatz... said...

Here you go. This isn't going to fool anyone into thinking it's real... But it will do.

Fullback- In case you didn't know, Burchie has already moved into the house that Bobby left when he moved west. Could be a sign of danger!